Black Friday: The Biggest Shopping Day Of The Year Is Rapidly Approaching


November 21, 2017 11:50 By Fabiosa

Black Friday is a red-letter day for some people and the worst nightmare for the others. However, the truth is that the day after Thanksgiving is, indeed, one of the biggest sale days of the year. And if you want to take the most out of the upcoming shopping buzz, below are some helpful tips and information.


The history behind the name

Black Friday symbolizes the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, which lasts for nearly a month. In this month, retailers supposedly offer some of the cheapest prices and most profitable deals to their customers.


There are two theories why people call it “Black Friday.” According to the first one, the term refers to the negative sides of the big shopping day. The second theory suggests that the term refers to the color the retailers use when detailing their gains: black for gains and red for losses.

It is hard to tell which one of the two theories has more sense, but one thing is for sure: if you want to get the maximum profit out of the upcoming shopping holiday, you need to get yourself fully prepared.

Which retailers to watch for on Black Friday?

In 2017, the official Black Friday is set for November 24th. However, many brands launched their special deals a day or even a week earlier, especially those who sell online. So, be ready for an intense sales hunt and pay attention to the holiday ads of your favorite brands and retailers.

Among the biggest brands who regularly take part in Black Friday sales, there are Amazon, Argos,, Tesco, Walmart, and Currys PC World. Some brands and retailers prefer to keep their deals secret up until Black Friday. This rule works mostly for the expensive fashion brands like Prada or D&G. The others, however, announce their deals long before Thanksgiving.


Usually, people focus on all the expensive stuff: electronics, mobile devices, software products, clothing from prestigious fashion houses, etc. However, it would be best to compare the prices at several places, so you could be 100% sure that the deal you are about to pick is indeed the most profitable.

If you are going to test your luck this Black Friday, think twice before buying anything and keep all the receipts. Who knows, maybe in a few days, you will change your mind about certain purchases, and they will agree to take them back. And if you prefer to stay away from all that crazy rush, you can stay home and spend more time with your loved ones.

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