John Legend Celebrated His 39th Birthday In The Sky Because Of Delayed Flight To Japan

Date December 29, 2017

When John Legend, the mastermind behind the 'All of Me' single, was planning to take his wife Chrissy Teigen on a trip, he could not even imagine what kind of a journey they were going to have.

The couple decided to go on vacation for a few days and celebrate John's birthday in Japan. And when their flight took off from the LAX airport, everything seemed to be fine.


Someone took the wrong flight

Four hours after they started their holiday trip, the pilot of the All Nippon Airways flight announced they would have to go back to LAX. Turned out, one of the passengers had the wrong ticket, reports Yahoo!

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When the problem was solved, the plane took off again, and their crazy journey continued.

Celebrating his birthday in the sky

The funniest thing is that because of a serious delay, John Legend had to celebrate his 39th birthday on board of the All Nippon Airways flight.

His wife Chrissy even shared a cute picture of the R&B star wearing a party hat with a capture saying “It's John's birthday here in the sky!”

Finally, their flight landed in Tokyo approximately 17 hours later than it was supposed to, Daily Mail reported. Just think about it: it took John and Chrissy, as well as their fellow co-passengers, almost two days to get to Japan.

The couple even canceled some of their previous plans and decided to stay in Tokyo and have some fun there.

It's great that everything turned out well in the end. And we really hope that the couple would be able to get back to Los Angeles in the first attempt.

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