Amidst Speculations Of The Contrary, It Has Been Confirmed That The Queen Will Attend Harry And Meghan's Wedding

Date November 30, 2017

Since the announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially engaged, there has been an increased interest in the royal family affairs.

It was recently revealed that the wedding will take place in May 2018. This was confirmed a day after the official wedding announcement.


As speculations surrounding the upcoming wedding continued to intensify, one major question arose. Will Queen Elizabeth attend her grandson's wedding?

Reason for the Queen of England not to attend grandson's wedding

Some people believed that even though she gave her consent for the wedding to take place, she might still refuse to show up on the big day. This is because the bride is a divorcee. They compared the situation to that of Prince Charles, Harry's father, which took place in 2005.

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The Queen, even though she granted permission, did not show up to the wedding between her son and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, because a wedding between two divorcees was just not something the Queen wanted to be associated with.


At the time, it was reported that Queen Elizabeth allegedly told a friend that "she has to put her role with the Church before her role as a mother” and that she didn’t feel her position as the Supreme Governor of the Church “permits it.”

So naturally, since there has not been any talk of the Queen changing her views, people assumed she may choose to be absent from next year's ceremony because the American actress has been married before.

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The Queen is definitely attending the wedding

Those speculations have been put to rest after a press release from the Buckingham Palace confirmed that Queen Elizabeth will, in fact, attend her grandson's wedding. Not only will the Queen make an appearance and celebrate with the couple, the royal family will also foot the bill.

So clearly, at some point in the last few years, the Queen of England changed her views on attending a marriage of a divorced person and is only too happy to grace this special occasion. And it's not just that, like she did with the wedding of William and Kate, she will also pay for the church service, music, flowers, reception, and all the other wedding nuances.

We are certain that more details of the wedding preparation will emerge in the next couple of months and frankly, we just can't wait.

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