Ivanka Trump And Chelsea Clinton Defend Malia Obama After Photos Of Her Kissing A Boy Flooded The Internet

Date November 28, 2017

Malia Obama, daughter of the former US president Barack Obama, recently became the subject of tabloid attention after pictures of her sharing a kiss with a boy made their way onto the internet.

While most people understood that there was nothing wrong with the 19-year-old's pictures, especially since she has been a private citizen for many months now, there are some news outlets who sought to scandalize the story.


Fortunately, most internet users have been calling for her to be left alone. They brought up the fact that this was a young lady who spent eight years of her life being in the spotlight as the first daughter and living within the confines of the post. Therefore, if she chooses to explore herself and her world now that she is no longer held to those standards, then she is free to do so.

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Ivanka Trump on Malia Obama's Photos

One of those who stood up for Malia and insisted that the young lady deserved some privacy now that she was no longer a member of the first family was the daughter of current US president, Ivanka Trump.

In a Tweet, shared by Trump on Friday, Ivanka said Malia was now officially a private citizen, and people should leave her alone.

Chelsea Clinton's defence

Another woman who knows all about the pressures of being a first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, also shared a Tweet, urging tabloids to desist from making Malia out to be a bad person.

The source of the controversy

Last week, TMZ published a picture of Malia, who is currently a student at Harvard University, kissing a mystery man at the Harvard-Yale game. The photos soon went viral, and it did not take long for DailyMail to reveal that the man in the picture was a 19-year-old Harvard sophomore Rory Farquharson.

The simple fact is that it will be quite difficult (maybe impossible) for Malia Obama to enjoy the private life she craves now that she's no longer in the White House. People will always be interested in her personal life and will love to pick apart her choices. We can only hope she finds the strength to keep her head up and enjoy a happy life amidst all the interest and speculations.

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