According To President Trump, Classmates And Neighbors Should Have Done Something To Stop The Mass Shooting

Date February 16, 2018

The United States is currently reeling from the tragic high school shooting that occurred on Wednesday, February 14. 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz was apprehended as the main suspect of the terrible crime that led to the death of at least 17 people.



Who is to blame?

Such tragic incidents usually beg the question, who is responsible for that? Since the news broke, the issue of gun control in the country has been reignited. Because of the recent cases of shooting in different regions of the US, there are those who believe that it's time for the country to implement the strict gun laws.


Not everyone agrees with this though. Some people are of the opinion that taking guns from citizens will not cause any real change.

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Donald Trump, for instance, opines that a sad and tragic occurrence like this shooting is caused by a person who is mentally unstable and does not have much to do with the weapon itself. Hence, the guns are not the problem, the people are.

Trump's words

To further drive home his point, President Donald Trump shared an interesting post on his Twitter page following the shooting.



Since the shooting, new details have been emerging about Cruz's home life and state of mind. There have been reports of him being depressed. In fact, one of his online posts actually caught the attention of the FBI.

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Cruz had some emotional and mental issues, for sure. But does this mean his friends, classmates, and those who knew him are to blame for the senseless crime that led to the loss of so many young lives?

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