Plus-Size Model And Daughter Of David Hasselhoff, Hayley, Shows Off Her Gorgeous Curves For A Magazine Shoot

Date January 12, 2018 11:52

David Hasselhoff's daughter, Hayley, has been getting a lot of attention lately for some of her modelling work. The plus-size model recently had fans looking on in appreciation when she shared some sultry pictures on her Instagram page.

I love you endlessly @davidhasselhoff

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Hayley Hasselhoff

The young beauty is most famous for her role in the TV series, Huge. In 2007, she ventured into plus-size modelling as a size 14 and since then, she has been making progressive strides in the industry.

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Hayley is all about embracing her body and encouraging others to do same too.

Her daring photoshoot

The 25-year-old made waves last month when she showed off her alluring curves in a raunchy lingerie magazine cover shoot. As she posed in barely-there clothing, Hayley said she was pretty excited about the outcome.

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The sexy snaps were taken for SLiNK magazine, a publication which Hayley revealed she was proud of because they encourage body confidence and celebrate the female curves.

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The lovely lady who was named the ambassador of Pulp Fashion Week in Paris and walked the runway at the 2014 Britsh Plus Size Fashion Week, said this recent cover with SLiNK was an empowering moment for her.

 We as women need to love our bodies for all that they give us not only what they show.

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In the magazine, she also expressed how good it felt to do something positive. She stressed the importance of loving your flaws and accepting your body. While iterating the importance of embracing your body, she said:

It is important for me to live a life where I appreciate and love my curves.

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Her beautiful pictures and positive message were certainly inspiring. In a world were people are pushing all kinds of limits in their quest for perfection, Hayley is a refreshing reminder to accept ourselves and all that we are. That, in itself, is empowering.

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