Will Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Run For The Presidency In 2020? The Actor Opens Up About This

Date December 11, 2017

If you decided to vote for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in the 2020 elections, we hate to disappoint you, folks, it's not happening. In fact, the actor has never actually been keen on running for office despite all the social media attention he's been receiving on the topic.

Since the Washington Post article was released back in June about the possibility that anyone, including Johnson, can run for president if they wish, people have been quite intrigued by the idea. His fans have been hitting him up to let him know they have his back if a future in politics is something he is interested in.

Dwayne Johnson for President - How it began

On June 6th, 2017, the Washington Post published an article about the unpredictability in the United States presidency. According to the post, if Donald Trump, a man without much political experience, can make it into the White House, then anybody can.

The actor had earlier told GQ that running for office is a 'real possibility', and since then, the idea had taken root. The WP article only served to shed more light on the fact, even though there is every likelihood that Johnson was probably joking in the GQ interview.

A month later, RearFront also gave the rumors a boost. In fact, it shared some post from the Twitter account, @Runtherock2020, which was set up as some sort of social media campaign for the actor.

They also claimed that a man named Kenton Tilford allegedly filed a document for the presidential candidate on behalf of Johnson. This was, however, never confirmed.

So, what is The Rock saying about all these?

Dwayne Johnson isn't running

The actor was recently a guest on The Graham Norton Show where he was asked if he might be running for the presidency in 2020. Johnson admitted that while it was very flattering that people thought he would make a great president, he had no actual plans to pursue the idea.

He jokingly mentioned that Kevin Hart, who was sitting next to him during the interview, would very likely sabotage the whole campaign even if he did.

From the whole segment, we can say for sure that Johnson isn't working on being the next POTUS, and the whole rumor was a joke.

Hey, why not?

You really can't blame us for hoping though. Johnson is a pretty successful and fascinating man. He is extremely popular and, according to his Instagram page, very kind.

So, for the fans of the star, 2020 is not the year. But there's enough time between now and then for him to change his mind. All hope isn't lost.