Amy Roloff And Her Beau, Chris Marek, Party Together At A Charity Event For A Local Hospital

Date December 13, 2017

Since Amy Roloff and Matt split, fans have been very interested in how the Little People, Big World family dynamic will work. However, from recent photos, it's clear that Amy herself isn't worried about that one bit.

Amy Roloff's new boyfriend

According to reports, Amy began dating Christ Marek in 2016. He actually met Amy's children earlier on in March and, according to their accounts of the event, they embraced him with open arms.

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As for his job, Marek is a real estate agent who has been in the industry for over 18 years. He has never been married and according to speculations, he may be popping the question to Amy soon.

So far, the couple has been pictured several times together and even celebrated this year's Thanksgiving with the Roloff family.

Amy and Chris party together

The reality star recently shared pictures from Christmas events and parties she attended with her friends and boyfriend. One of the events she attended with her beau was a charity event for a local hospital. It was organised in honor of a young girl and the proceeds went to the hospital's NICU ward.

Amy and Chris also attended the Oregon ZooLights event where she and her friends watched Portland’s traditional Christmas Ships show.

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Saying the mother of four is having a blast this Christmas is an understatement. Her joy was evident in every single one of the pictures she shared on social media.

Christmas plans for the Roloff family

Due to the fact that Matt, Amy's ex, did not attend the family's Thanksgiving celebration, fans of LPBW wondered if he would spend Christmas day with them. For Thanksgiving, Amy, the children, and grandchildren celebrated together while Matt enjoyed the holiday in Cabo. This was heartbreaking for a lot of fans who simply felt like the family was incomplete.

While all we can do is wait and see if Matt will make an appearance for the family Christmas celebration, we are quite glad to see Amy having such a good time. We hope Chris continues to make her happy.

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