Prince Harry Follows Princess Diana’s Footsteps In Fighting The Stigma And Discrimination Surrounding HIV

Date November 16, 2017

Prince Harry continues Princess Diana’s habit to end the stigma surrounding HIV positive diagnosis. The Prince, who has already taken two tests in public, visited the Terrence Higgins Trust HIV testing center in Hackney to launch this year’s National HIV Testing Week.


The Terrence Higgins Trust pop-up shop is supposed to give away free HIV self-testing kits for the next 10 days.

To show how easy and quick the tests are to use, one of the volunteers did a live demonstration for Prince Harry. Now, anyone is free to collect such a kit at THT pop-up. The shop is also equipped with iPads, where visitors can register using their phone numbers. Witty as always, Prince Harry couldn’t help but make one of his famous jokes, when he learned about how to use the kits,

So the instructions are idiot-proof for people like myself?


And indeed, the tests require a simple finger-prick and give results within just 15 minutes.

HRH also talked to one of the THT volunteers, Andrew Bates, who was diagnosed with HIV a couple of years ago. Even though he felt ashamed of his diagnosis at first, now, he is taking medication and is able to live a healthy and happy life.


Andrew says he wants to help other HIV positive people because he knows what they are going through. He told Prince Harry:

I can be an advocate for HIV positive people, and show the world that life doesn't end after getting an HIV diagnosis.

After talking to Andrew, Prince Harry went on to give out free HIV self-test kits to local residents.


National HIV Testing Week, from November 18th to 25th, is aimed at increasing the awareness and acceptance of HIV-testing within the most affected groups and dispelling the stereotypes surrounding the virus. Prince Harry does a great job at following his late mother’s footsteps, continuing fighting against the stigma of HIV and AIDS.

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