Barack Obama Posted An Inspiring Tweet For Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Date January 17, 2018 09:48

The 44th US president, Barack Obama, could not pass on the opportunity to post a tweet for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. His post was well received and offers an excellent insight into the minds of the youth judging by the responses.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Set to fall on the third Monday in January, this year's Martin Luther Kings Day was on the 15th of January, which coincides with his birthday. By honoring the great activist, Americans are, in fact, acknowledging everything he stood for.


King's legacy in the advancement of civil rights has set the foundations of modern society. 'The man who dreamed' left a better world than he found it, but with the wish that all those coming after him should do their parts in creating a safe environment for everyone. His words are quoted to this day and represent a collection of wisdom in their right.


Obama's Tweet

The former president focused on Martin Luther King Jr.'s beginnings, drawing a parallel with the youth today. Obama implored young Americans to keep on fighting despite all the obstacles because their goal is justice. He also added that anyone can find inspiration within Martin Luther King and that he should be a role model for making the world a better place.

As expected, Barack Obama's tweet got a lot of responses, and most of them are supportive of King, as well as Obama. Here are just some of the tweets that replied to Obama.

We would like to join in the former president's wishes for creating a world as King imagined it. It is not difficult; it only takes a bit of empathy and understanding, that's all.


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