It Has Been A Year Since Carrie Fisher Passed Away, And The Fans Are Remembering Her On Social Media

Date December 29, 2017 10:05

It has been a year since the beloved actress Carrie Fisher passed away. People from all over the world took the time to honor her memory on social media.

Carrie Fisher


Even though her role as the beautiful and rebellious Princess Leia defined her as an actress, Carrie was much more than that. Star Wars brought her fame and popularity, but it was her intelligence and personality that kept her relevant in the world.


It may come as surprise to some, but Fisher was also a great writer and a humorist. She wrote several novels, plays, and screenplays. In addition, Fisher was a public spokesperson on many pressing issues. In 2016, Harvard College gave the actress the Annual Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism because of her social activism:

Her forthright activism and outspokenness about addiction, mental illness, and agnosticism have advanced public discourse on these issues with creativity and empathy.


You will always be remembered, dear princess


On December 27th, Star Wars fans and Carrie Fisher admirers honored one year since the passing of their hero. Fisher was an idol for most of them and an actress that definitely left her mark on an entire era. Here are just some of the touching tweets.

Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. You will always be a princess in our hearts. We gladly join the fans around the world in honoring a delightful actress and a great human being.


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