James Corden's Crosswalk Theater Performs On Broadway With Hugh Jackman As A Guest Star

Date December 18, 2017

James Corden has outdone himself in the latest part of the Crosswalk Theater. This time, the location was Broadway, and the actors were Hollywood stars, namely Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendaya.

Crosswalk Theater

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James Corden, the TV host of the show Late Late Show With James Corden, is the comical mastermind behind the Crosswalk Theater. Corden who is also an actor and a comedian came up with a great idea for an outdoor theater. The premise is quite simple. A large theatre group performs a part of a musical on a street crosswalk. Yes, an actual crosswalk.

Done as a part of his TV show, Crosswalk Theater has had several episodes so far. The show featured iconic musical performances, such as Beauty and the Beast, Grease, and Hair. The trick is to do a part of the show while the green light is on and then escape as fast as they can. Of course, it is all humorously done without anyone being in any real danger.

Broadway show


The troupe's greatest achievement so far is definitely their show on Broadway road. The location was the crosswalk in front of a fellow TV host's studio - Stephen Colbert's The Late Show studio. In a busy New York City, Corden's actors and actresses made their best crosswalk show.

This time, they were accompanied by Hollywood stars who took the leading roles with Corden. In honor of the great Broadway theater, the troupe did some of the most recognizable musicals.

They began with the famous tune New York, New York, as the memorable sailors from On the Town. Next up was Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat song from Guys and Dolls, followed by Hugh Jackman reprising his role as P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Show. The grand finale was Fame from the eponymous musical. Check out the show in the video below.

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