42-Year-Old Drew Barrymore Shows How Much Work It Takes To Look Good In Her Age

Date November 24, 2017

Today, the standards of beauty can sometimes be a little ridiculous. It's natural to see how gorgeous celebrities look, both on and off the red carpet.

This is why it was refreshing when Drew Barrymore posted a picture of herself on Instagram with grey hair and busy eyes, showing that celebrities also have bad hair days and how much it takes for them to look that good.

The picture shows Barrymore with foil in her hair, apparently in the middle of a dye-job.

Commenters appreciated the gesture and thanked her for keeping it real, which, as anyone would imagine, is not so easy. But Drew Barrymore is not a spring chicken - she's been working in the film industry for almost her whole life.

Drew Barrymore - early life

One may say Drew Barrymore always had acting in her blood. She was born in Culver City, California to actor John Drew Barrymore and aspiring actress Jaid Mako. Her paternal grandparents and great-grandparents were all actors, her godparents are Steve Spielberg, Anna Strasberg, and actress Sophia Loren.

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So, it was no surprise that her professional career began at just 11 months with a dog food commercial. She would go on to have her film debut at age 5 with a small role in the Altered States (1980) and subsequently star in Stephen Speilberg's E.T. (1982).

Attaining fame at such an early age did not do Barrymore good; however, she quickly got involved in drugs. She was found smoking a cigarette at age 9, drinking alcohol at 11, smoking marijuana at 12, snorting cocaine at 13, and was already a regular at the risque Studio 54. She eventually ended up going to rehab twice at age 14 - the first for drug abuse and the second was for a suicide attempt.

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However, she bounced back and moved into her own apartment at age 15.


For her performance in E.T., Barrymore earned a Young Artist Award For Best Supporting Actress, and things took off from there.

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Her next role was a girl with pyrokinesis in Firestarter. She would also star in another adaptation of a Stephen King novel, Cat's Eye, in 1985.

Throughout the 90's, Barrymore's choices of roles would reflect her rebellious teen character.

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In 1995, along with Nancy Juvonen, Barrymore started her own film company, Flower Films, responsible for Never Been Kissed (1995), the Charlie's Angels movies, and many other motion pictures. She has an illustrious career, winning 33 awards and having been nominated 87 times over the course of her career.

Barrymore's point of view

As evidenced by her posts on social media, Barrymore is an inspiring human being who is not afraid to be herself. Take, for example, the caption of a picture she posted on Instagram:

Haters gonna hate. Yesterday I saw comments on my Instagram feed about my post that were mean, cruel, and ugly. It hurt me. And you know what women do when they get hurt???? They pick themselves up! Go get a haircut. Put on some lipstick and chant

if you don’t have something nice to say… don’t say anything at all

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And by posting the picture of her with the grey hair about to color her hair, Barrymore reminds us to be our real selves in every way possible and not care about what others would think. “Haters gonna hate”, after all.

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Drew Barrymore