'Happiest Day Of Our Lives!': R&B Singer Brian McKnight Tied The Knot With Leilani Mendoza

Date January 4, 2018 11:09

For sure, Brian McKnight knows how to properly celebrate New Year’s Eve! On Sunday, he finally tied the knot, marrying his beloved Leilani Mendoza, and could not but share this special moment with his followers.

Wedding celebration

Looking at R&B singer’s wedding pictures, it seems that all New Year’s Eve parties just pale when compared to this sparkly ceremony. The luxurious bash took place at the Oheka Castle on Long Island.

As they walked down the aisle hand in hand, the two were beaming with delight and joy. The 48-year-old singer captured this touching moment and wrote a heartfelt caption on his Instagram.

Happiest day of our lives.

After the ceremony, the pair enjoyed their wedding feast with their friends and family members.

Gown choices

Of course, it’s not the only sweet snap Brian has shared. During the ceremony, all eyes were on the bride and her incredible dress. The singer knew the fans would like to know more about the wedding gown, so he shared a close-up of it.

Leilani looked really gorgeous in a white dazzling Sabrina & Mannings dress bearing 50,000 Swarovski crystals! It actually took more than a month to make. The gown is definitely very sexy with its super-sheer design, showing off Mendoza’s legs.

On the other hand, the singer did not want to steal the show from his love lady and chose an elegant black tux, white shirt, and black bow tie. Still, he also looked fantastic.

How it all began

The two have been together since 2014, and they announced their engagement last year. In fact, it is not the first marriage for Brian as he has been married to Julie McKnight for 13 years and has two kids with her.

In a similar fashion, McKnight informed his followers about engagement with a sweet black-and-white pic of himself and Mendoza, showing her ring in full view.

Took me 42 years to find her and I’m never letting her go I’m so in love with you baby.