Tragedy In South Africa: Suspected Poacher Was Killed By Lions

Date February 19, 2018

Tragedy in South Africa! A man, who was reportedly a poacher, was killed by lions. Could it be the destiny that punished him in such a terrible way?

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Suspected poacher got a fatal retribution.

In South Africa region, a group of wild lions mauled a man to death. The victim’s body was discovered inside Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve, a territory known for rhino hunting.

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According to the records of the local police, the man was a suspected poacher. A weapon and ammunition were found next to his remains. Due to multiple injuries, the victim’s identity is very hard to determine. A Limpopo police officer commented on the matter:

It seems the victim was poaching in the game park when he was attacked and killed by lions.


The region is known for high levels of rhino poaching according to the local authorities. There was a huge increase from dozens of rhinos killed in 2007 to the more than 1,000 killed in 2017. The body parts taken by poachers are typically horns, as they are in high demand in Asia where they are used in medicine and works of art.

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Maggy Meyer /

It was not stated yet whether the killed man was hunting lions or rhinos, as lions’ teeth and claws are also of big interest for pothunters.

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The police spokesman added that poachers in the region are also known to hunt for bush meat and elephant ivory.

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Well, we don’t know what exactly this man was doing in the private reserve in South Africa, but it’s obvious he was doing it illegally.  Whether he was poaching lions or not, he definitely did one obvious mistake – he entered the area known as "lion territory." If you are hunting any living beings for your personal profit, get ready for destiny can punish you.