“This Is Us” Fans Promise To Throw Out Their Crock-Pots After The Last Episode Of Their Favorite Series

Date January 26, 2018 11:39

If you are a true fan of This Is Us series, you must be shocked by its last episode as much as we are. How can it be that a slow cooker has started the fire that seemingly killed our beloved TV dad, Jack Pearson?


‘This Is Us’ fans are shocked by its last episode.

Producers of This Is Us know how to surprise a viewer. On Tuesday night, the series fans were literally shocked to find out about a demise of their beloved family dad, Jack Pearson, played by Milo Ventimiglia.


But the biggest shock came up when producers revealed what caused his death. A crock-pot did it!

Yes, that’s right. A simple cooking device was the reason for the sad loss of our favorite character, Jack Pearson. Are you ready to hear the details?

After watching a Super Bowl, Jack went downstairs to clean up the kitchen. Then, he turned off the crock-pot, put a towel on the table near it, and went back upstairs. Who could imagine that the switch would be shorted, causing the towel and the rest of the home to catch on fire?


Numerous fans of the series were not in the mood to experience such dramatic emotions. Their huge reaction on social media is vivid proof.

A lot of This Is Us fans were angry at the devilish crock-pot, and some even promised to throw it out from their own kitchens.

Meanwhile, all we have to do is to wait for the next episode of the series and get our handkerchiefs to dry our tears. It will be really emotional!