Keith Jackson, The Most Legendary Voice In Sports History Has Sadly Passed Away At 89

Date January 15, 2018 15:20

Keith Jackson, a true legend and an exceptional voice of the most outstanding sports competitions, passed away at the age of 89. ABC Sports star’s family and colleagues paid a touching tribute to honor this incredible person.

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Keith Jackson’s life and career

Jackson spent almost 50 years working for ABC and broadcasting for the largest sports games including Bowl games. He also broadcasted MLB and NBA games along with the Olympics. Keith was a member of the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame for his enormous contribution to the sports industry.

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In 1998, Jackson announced his retirement but returned to work. The star explained he just couldn’t imagine his life without a favorite occupation of his life. During his career, he had broadcasted fifteen Rose Bowls. Keith was a symbol of a ‘college football' for generations of fans. His colleagues called him:

The voice of college football and one of the most iconic voices of all time, RIP Keith Jackson. Thank you for all of the incredible Saturday's.

The sports star passed away surrounded by his family.

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Jackson lived a long and full life. His career achievements speak louder than any words. At the age of 89, Keith passed away surrounded by his loving family. ABC star had a lovely wife, Turi Ann, and their three wonderful children. Turi called him “the incredible husband and the best father she could imagine for their kids.”

Jackson’s colleagues and famous players shared their compassion about this tragic loss. Disney chairman and Keith’s good friend, Bob Iger, said:

When you heard his voice, you knew it was a big game. Keith was a true gentleman and a memorable presence. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Turi Ann, and his family.

Other famous people joined Iger in his tribute.

Numerous fans were affected by this sad news and took to social media to express their condolences.

Keith Jackson will always live in hearts and minds of his beloved family, close friends, and devoted fans.

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