Forever-Young Tippi Hedren Celebrates Her 88th Birthday

Date January 22, 2018

Age has definitely no power over fabulous Tippi Hedren. The actress has just turned 88, and she still looks amazing. What is the secret of her forever-young beauty?


Incredible Tippi Hedren

Nathalie Kay Hedren, best known as Tippi Hedren, is a true icon of the entire generation. Tippi has reached a great success as an actress. Her acting career began since she has been discovered by legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Hedren appeared in over 80 films and received numerous awards, including a Golden Globe for her role in The Bird.


Tippi has proved her skills of a fashion model. Her name is still associated with beauty and glamour. During her career, Hedren was on the covers of the most popular magazines, including Life and Glamour.


Happy 88th birthday, Tippi!


On January 19th, 2018, Tippi Hedren celebrated her 88th birthday. Looking at this eternally young and beautiful woman, it’s hard to believe she is already 88.

Tippi says she has no hidden secrets of how to stay forever-young. Perhaps, the only rule she follows is to live her life to the fullest and never look back.


Hedren has a lot of achievements she could be proud of to this moment. The biggest one is her wonderful family. Her daughter Melanie Griffith is a famous actress too. The world-known mom and daughter have a tight bond between them. Melanie calls her mother a perfect example to follow, both in career and personal life.

Melanie’s daughter Dakota Johnson has also followed her grandma’s footsteps and become an actress. It’s obvious that natural beauty and exceptional talent are two features these three women have in common.

Melanie shared a video in which Tippi blows out the candles on her birthday cake and makes a wish.

We congratulate gorgeous Tippi Hedren on her 88th birthday. She is one of the kind, and we love her for that.

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