Time Magazine Chose Its Person Of The Year, And It’s “The Silent Breakers”

Date December 6, 2017

Time magazine chose a person of the year. In 2017, this title was given to participants of the controversial movement against sexual violence named “The Silence Breakers.”

“The Silence Breakers”

“The Silent Breakers” have merged under the hashtag #MeToo. It is actually not the first time when this noble title goes to a group of people but not a person in particular. In 2014, "Person of the Year" title went to people who struggled with the Ebola virus.

The aim of the #MeToo movement is to stop sexual harassment. This problem has raised public attention during the last months and spread far beyond the borders of one country.

Among those who were the first to talk about sexual harassment were actress Ashley Jud, singer Taylor Swift, and Susan Fowler. Afterwards, a lot of famous women have joined the movement and started sharing their own stories about the cases of ‘inappropriate behavior’ they faced in Hollywood.

It’s not easy for a woman to build a career in the modern society, and #MeToo women decided to join their forces and help millions of other women around the world who face the same problem.

Time’s choice 2017

The second place in the Time list went to the US President Donald Trump. He was a man of the year in 2016. The third runner-up was a Chinese President Xi Jinping.



Time’s representatives comment this-year choice:

People who broke the silence, having told about sexual violence and harassment, affected all races, classes, professions and literally all corners of the Earth.

The magazine cover features a group of women in black who symbolize “The Silent Breakers.” It’s signed as “The voices that launched a movement.”

Source: Source: Time

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