Barbra Streisand Congratulated Her Son On His 51st Birthday Through Social Media Post

Date January 8, 2018

Looking at fabulous and forever young Barbra Streisand, it’s hard to imagine her son just turned 51. The actress and singer congratulated her beloved son through social media.

Jason Emanuel Gould

Jason Gould definitely inherited his famous parents’ talents. Being a son of one-of-the-kind Barbra Streisand and actor Elliott Gould, Jason just couldn’t choose another occupation except for acting. Besides, Gould is a talented producer, director, and singer.

Jason appeared in the romantic comedy Say Anything, and later, he played the on-screen son of Barbra Streisand in The Prince of Tides.

Despite their busy schedules, mom and son use every moment to spend more time together, especially on the holiday season. Barbra often says she is the luckiest woman on Earth because she was blessed with a wonderful son.

I am so proud of my son @JasonGouldMusic.

Happy birthday, Jason!

On December 29th, Jason celebrated his 51st birthday. Streisand congratulated her beloved son with a heartwarming post. The star shared a photo of herself with Jason and wrote:

Happy birthday @jasongouldmusic. I am so proud of you... and your incredible new album. Mom. xo.

Barbra and Jason have much more in common than ordinary mother and son. Their mutual passion for music is a vivid proof of their special connection. Just check it out how awesome these two sound together while performing incredible song “How Deep Is the Ocean.”

Our congratulations to Jason Gould on his 51st birthday! His famous mother can be proud of raising such a great son.

Source: Source: barbrastreisand / Instagram

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