Seems Like HMS Queen Elizabeth Fully Reflects The Huge Ambition Of Her Name Sake From The Royal Family

Date December 11, 2017

Queen Elizabeth attended the commissioning ceremony of the largest warship ever built for Britain. The ship is named HMS Queen Elizabeth. Since ancient times, building a strong navy is considered to be a proof of powerful and developed country. That is why, this new warship plays a big role for the whole Britain and its government.


HMS Queen Elizabeth

The new warship is the biggest ship ever built for the Royal Navy. It is 280 meters long and 70 meters wide. According to the reports, it took 30 million of hours to design and build this construction masterpiece.


The warship is supposed to be used not just for military services but for humanitarian needs as well such as providing help during natural disasters.

During her official visit, Queen Elizabeth talked to the captain and the crew. Her Majesty inspected a deck and congratulated all the members of the ceremony with this significant event in British history. After, there was the official celebration with a cake. Queen also signed the guest book.

5 largest warships in history

Since military times, warships have been used by governments to protect the borders of each country and provide safety of its people. Let’s take a look at 5 the most powerful warships in history.


Charles de Gaulle

This magnificent warship has been in the use since 1994. It’s considered to be the largest asset of the French Navy. It weights over 42 thousand tons, and it took almost three years to build this ‘strong monster.’


Yamato battleship belongs to the Japanese Navy. It was used during World War II. Yamato weights 72 thousand tons and is considered the largest and heaviest ship ever constructed in the country.

Iowa Class

This incredible battleship participated in several historical battles during WWII as well as the Korean and Vietnam Wars. It weights 45 thousand tons.

Admiral Kuznetsov Class

This warship belongs to the former Soviet Union Navy. It was named in honor of a legendary admiral Kuznetsov for his great contribution to the Soviet army.  The ship weights 41 thousand tons and has a length of 900 ft.


Forrestal was built in the 1950s for the US Navy. It weights 60 thousand tons. Actually, Forrestal is the first warship of its kind designed with high tonnage elevators and angled deck.


These are the world largest battleships in history. It’s amazing how humans can create such incredible constructions. HMS Queen Elizabeth deserves its place among these significant warships.

Source: Source: The Royal Family / Facebook

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