Katharine Graham Will Be Featured By Meryl Streep In The Movie “The Post”

Date December 18, 2017

Katharine Graham was one of the bright representatives of powerful women. She was a publisher of the famous “The Washington Post” after her late husband and proved that woman is able to lead a huge corporation no less successfully than men.

Early life, family, and career

Katharine Meyer Graham was the fourth among five children in the family. From her early years, the girl showed a vivid interest in writing and worked at a school newspaper. After graduation from college, Katharine found a job of a reporter for San Francisco News. When she turned to Washington, Graham started working for The Post, which belonged to her dad and afterwards to her late husband, Phil Graham.


Katharine’s main passion in life was her job. When her husband passed away, Graham took over his responsibilities. She knew little about the managerial or journalistic aspects of the job; however, her ambition to become a good publisher was more important for her.


Graham worked day and night and managed to transform her family newspaper into the country’s most respected edition, which brought her a status of the most powerful woman in publishing. As a chairman of the Washington Post Company, she controlled the fifth largest publishing empire in the nation. Katharine’s impact on American culture was significant. She also became an award-winning author for her memoirs, Personal History, which earned her a Pulitzer Prize.


Meryl Streep will feature Katharine Graham in the upcoming movie

Meryl Streep will stand against the US government in the upcoming thrilling drama, The Post, directed by Steven Spielberg. Streep will play incredible Katharine Graham, and her co-star will be Tom Hanks, who plays an editor.


The movie shows a true-based story in which journalists working for one of the most popular newspapers try to expose the government’s dark secrets that spanned four presidents of the US. Streep and Hanks’ characters receive secret documents, known as The Pentagon Papers, exposing the government’s corruption during the Vietnam War. Together, they risk their careers and even freedom by trying to reveal a long-buried truth about the government.

The movie will be released on a big screen in December 2017. You can watch the official trailer from The Fox Studio below.

Katharine Graham was a true legend and one of the best-loved female publishers. She had her personal style of writing, and even today, Graham remains a perfect example to follow for other journalists worldwide.

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