Nutmeg, The World's Oldest Cat, Passed Away At 32. It Equals To 144 In Cat Years

Date December 15, 2017

The oldest cat in the universe has passed away at 32, that is 144 years old in cat years.

Nutmeg, world’s oldest cat

Last year, we congratulated Nutmeg on his 31st birthday, and today, the world says goodbye to this long-liver.

Liz and Ian from England found Nutmeg in their garden 27 years ago. The couple has no kids, and they decided to adopt the furry kitten. Indeed, during all these years they spent together, Nutmeg became a real member of the family. Liz and Ian called him their son and confessed they couldn’t imagine their life without Nutmeg.

He is not our cat, we are his humans and he never lets us forget that. Maybe that is the secret to his long and happy life.

Nutmeg indeed broke a record of longevity among cats. 32 years is a huge age for our furry friends. If count in feline years, it’s 144.

When Nutmeg started gasping for breath earlier this year, his family took him to the Westway Veterinary Group for treatment. The cat won the hearts of all medical staff from the first moment. They said he was the most thoughtful and smart cat in the vet.

Unfortunately, Nutmeg had to spend the last months of his life in the center due to the health condition. In August 2017, the world’s oldest cat passed away at the age of 32. His family was crushed with this sad news.  Liz said she feels like she’s really lost her son. Liz and Ian won’t be getting another cat because no one could replace Nutmeg.

We both feel like our hearts have been ripped out. He was our little boy.

People of the world regret along with Liz and Ian. But what is more important that Nutmeg lived a long and happy life and he made other people happy too. We’ll miss this adorable cat. Rest in peace, dear Nutmeg!

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