12-Year-Old Gabriella Green Commits Suicide Because Of Rampant Bullying At School

Date March 23, 2018 15:03

Nowadays, there are so many critical problems in our society, and unfortunately, bullying remains one of them. Gabbie Green became another victim of rampant bullying and cyberbullying. The 12-year-old girl committed suicide on January 10 at her house in Surfside, Florida.

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How it happened?

The parents were at home when it happened. They were getting ready for church, when their daughter hanged herself in her closet. On that day, Gabbie Green reportedly received many harassing text messages like ‘you should just kill yourself’ and ‘nobody likes you'.

Tanya Green, the mother, assumes that the bullying was happening because of Gabbie’s fast development. The girl looked much older than her peers, and that possibly made her stand out. Shane Green, the father of the girl, said that Gabbie began being bullied even by teachers and administration.

She had all the love in the world when she came home. But the days that she went to school ... she would be isolated and manipulated and demoralized.

Cyberbullying grew into bullying at school

Allegedly, the bullying began on social media and eventually got to the school. Tanya Green says there is a lot of evidence of hatefulness on the internet addressed to her late daughter. The parents even went to school to stop the mockery. However, that action made it even worse.

There were memes, they put memes out of her figure. There was even a picture with a gun to her head.

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Police accuse two 12-year-old students of cyberbullying. The accused girl is said to be making abusive comments verbally and electronically. The police report states:

Her actions consisted of starting rumors of the victim having sexually transmitted diseases, vulgar name-calling ... and threats to 'expose' personal and sensitive details of the victim's life.

The accused boy reportedly encouraged Gabbie Green to hang herself and said ‘If you're going to do it, just do it’ during their video-conversation.

The parents were shocked and devastated by the tragedy and notified the school administration of their intent to sue. They believe that the school officials to 'be held responsible, ultimately, for what they've allowed'. They also found the strength to raise awareness of bullying at schools and sharing their story on social media.

Preventing bullying

There are several things everyone should know and understand about bullying at schools and how to prevent them:

  1. Paying attention helps identify the warnings signs before it went bad.
  2. Do not ignore just because you feel that situation is harmless. Everybody handles stress differently.
  3. React immediately and remain calm to show an example.
  4. Private conversations are the key to understanding and ability to influence.
  5. Apologies can make it worse. Do not make involved students apologize to one another. /

Another innocent child lost her life because of bullying. We pray for Gabbie and her family. Let's make bullying the thing of the past together!

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