30 Dogs Died In A Horrible Fire At A Boarding Kennel In Michigan, Leaving Their Owners Devastated

Date April 3, 2018 13:15

A horrible tragedy happened on Friday early morning in Fruitport Township, western Michigan. Around 30 poor innocent dogs died at a kennel because of the devastating fire that left no chance for animals to be rescued.

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Early morning horror

The owner of Storm’s Ahead Kennels, Janet Rehfus, who lives near the facility, says she woke up at 4:40 a.m. and noticed the fire. She immediately called firefighters and then alerted the dogs’ owners.

The kennel was full, as children were having spring break, and many families left the town. They dropped their dogs off at the usual place. Many of the animals have already been at Storm’s Ahead Kennels before. Rehfus commented on the tragedy:

Many of those dogs have been coming to me for years, some of them were dogs that we bred and sold. We're heartbroken and trying to make sense of it all.

The kennel turned into an inferno when firefighters arrived at the scene. Later, it was said that there had been 'no ability to do a rescue.' The investigation still ongoing, as the cause of the fire is unknown.

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The support of the community was tremendous. Clock Funeral offered cremation services for every beloved dog that was lost in the horrible tragedy.

We remind every one of you out there that fire safety is incredibly important! Please, do not endanger yourself or your family and beloved pets.

In case you discovered a fire:

  1. Don’t panic!
  2. Immediately call firefighters.
  3. Tell everyone you can.
  4. Get everyone out of the building using escape routes.
  5. If there’s a lot of smoke, stay low or crawl.

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We are praying for the families who lost their beloved pets. All the dogs go straight into the Dog's Heaven!

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