Father Left His 2-Year-Old Son To Die On A Road After A Horrible Car Crash

Date March 30, 2018

An outraging crime happened recently in Tullytown, Pennsylvania. A father with his toddler tried to flee after shoplifting, got into a car accident, and ran away leaving his 2-year-old son dying on the road.

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He didn't try to save his son

28-year-old Christopher Kuhn from New Jersey tried to steal a $228 sound system in Walmart. When the security told him to stop, he just passed by pretending he didn’t hear a thing. He then took the toddler, Qadan Trievel, out of the cart and put him in his car seat and immediately sped off. Qadan wasn’t strapped into a safety seat after leaving the shop.

Christopher ran at high speed as he tried to escape the scene as fast as possible. He even ran a red light, which led to a horrible collision with two other vehicles. His car rolled over, and the son was thrown onto the ground because of that. The toddler was bleeding and lying motionlessly. Reportedly, the father took a second to look at Qadan before fleeing, who was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

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He didn't run far

Police caught Christopher Kuhn very soon after the crime happened. One of the policemen’s reports states that he found the father sitting alone in a bush holding his knee to his chest. When the policeman told him that his son is most likely dead, the father produced a long-lasted high-pitched scream and cried.

Toxicology expertise showed traces of Oxycontin and marijuana in Kuhn’s blood at the time of the car crash. The father was accused of third-degree murder and other charges. The bail was set at $5 million.


Judge Robert Baldi found Christopher Kuhn guilty of all charges, and now, Kuhn is facing 20 – 40 years of imprisonment.

How could a father leave his son dying on the road? Such a monster definitely has no excuses. Being a father means act like one! A true father always protects his children no matter what. Moreover, a responsible father would never put his children in a life-threatening situation!

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