Kylie Jenner Turned Her $29 Lipstick Business Into A Multi-Million Empire In 18 Months

Date April 12, 2018

If you were born in the Kardashian family, you would be famous and well-known for sure. There’s not much privacy in the lives of the family members. However, there’s another reason why Kylie Jenner became even more popular than her older half-sister Kim Kardashian-West.


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Kylie's successful business

The youngest of the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, 20, is a successful entrepreneur as well as the other members of the family. But what made her so special was basically her age, and Kylie recognized it like a pro. The point is that the Kardashians are extremely popular among the youngsters, and Kylie is an ideal candidate to promote the cosmetics that look fresh and suit the younger generation.

To be precise, it is projected that Kylie Cosmetics will earn one billion on product sales by 2022. What started as an online selling business of $29 lipsticks has exceeded all expectations for sure, as the project made $420 million in sales in just 18 months. As Jenner once said about “the competition” with Kim in the world of cosmetics:

She's like almost 20 years older than me. I feel like my makeup is definitely more young, fun. And it's just different.

Last year, Kylie became the youngest top-paid celebrity on Forbes 100 with $41 million earned over the year.

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What's so special about her?

Basically, Kylie Jenner is just not your typical celebrity girl. She has built her own makeup industry with wise business strategies that amplify the strongest sides of the company. She also donates money to charity: half a million dollars to the organization for children with clefts “SmileTrain” and another half a million dollars to “Teen Cancer America.” Moreover, Kylie became a mother recently!

New lip kit!

And the most important factor of her success is the social media. She keeps playing a role of a reality star by constantly posting photos and promoting her product via social media. Just recently, Kylie launched a brand-new lip kit, which looks pretty amazing to be fair: Boss, Say No More, Bare, and Ironic.

Just launched four new Lip Kits at ????❤️???? @kyliecosmetics

Публикация от Kylie (@kyliejenner)

Which new lip kit are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments!

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