9/11 Hero Who Saved Hundreds Of Lives Dies Of Cancer At 45

Date March 19, 2018

The United States of America lost its hero, Thomas Phelan, the firefighter who saved hundreds of lives on September 11, 2001. He died from cancer, which allegedly, is related to the fumes from that day.

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A true hero

Thomas was a ferry captain back in the day. He helped evacuate hundreds of people from the attacked by terrorists World Trade Center. Phelan died on Friday.

He and thousand other people were diagnosed with cancer linked to the twin towers attack. It is believed that the toxic fumes contained carcinogens, which affected people’s health. Reportedly, victims of the 9/11 attack were diagnosed with different types of cancer, not just a specific one.

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Later, in 2003, Thomas Phelan joined the fire department as a firefighter. He very soon was promoted to marine pilot.

Heartbreaking loss

New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, praised Phelan’s courage and bravery in a tweet:

People mourn his death and thank him for the heroism:


We thank Thomas Phelan for his service, kindness, and heroism. It is devastating to hear that such wonderful people leave our world at such young age.

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