After A 8-Year-Old Boy Shot His Sister, Their Mother Committed An Unthinkable Crime

Date March 7, 2018

Another unthinkable story related to gun control issue took place in the US recently. How many more terrible accidents should happen before the government takes action, before people stop being so irresponsible, before mental health issues are treated seriously?


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8-year-old boy shot his sister

This time, the unthinkable happened in Hayesville, Ohio, on March 3. A 8-year-old boy took a 22 caliber rifle from a closed gun locker, loaded it, and shot his 4-year-old sister multiple times at their home. After that, he called his mother, who was at work at that time, and told her what he had done. Alyssa Edwards, 27, left work and came home to check her daughter’s injuries, cleaned up the bloody mess on the floor, and returned to work, leaving the children home alone once again.

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Edwards’s bond has been set at $30,000 as she is jailed on child endangerment charges. Miraculously, her daughter is alive and remains hospitalized with none life-threatening injuries. The shooter is now in the custody of children’s services.

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What is wrong with the society?

Without a doubt, our society needs to be cleaned up. It is the most obvious sign for us if a 8-year-old child can use the gun and harm anyone. There is no place for guns in a safe world. Although thankfully, everybody is alive in this case, their lives are now broken.


There are tragedies where nobody could’ve done anything, and there are tragedies that could’ve been prevented. We cannot let the Parkland shooting happen again somewhere else!

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