Amy Roloff Is Ready To Celebrate Easter! Her Grandkids Look Forward To Enjoy These Sweet Treats Their Granny Made

Date March 27, 2018

Amy Roloff is an awesome granny whose love to her family doesn’t have any boundaries. Easter is coming soon, so Amy made some cookies and posted them on Instagram. This made some people really angry. Let’s see why?

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Easter is coming

It’s no secret that The Little People, Big World star loves posting photos on social media. Well, you can’t take that away from her. However, she also loves advertising and selling stuff via social media. This is her way of making money for herself and her family.

This time she made her own Little Kitchen products in anticipation of Easter. Saying that this is one of her favorite holidays to celebrate, Amy posted the photo of herself and some of the goodies for sale at Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen website.  

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Negative reaction

Amy’s action caused different comments from users of Instagram, including the negative ones. Some of the people were pleased to see Amy’s new product and gladly tried out those cookies. However, other people got pretty angry because of the exploitation of the sacred Catholic holiday. The critics argue:

Really, Amy?!? Must you exploit this holiday for your own selfish gain?

Just stop, Amy," said another hater. "Of ALL days, this one is not about you.

Do you remember when those critics express their disapproval of Amy's romance with Chris Marek?

Source of energy

Recently, Amy Roloff became a grandmother to these two adorable babies, and this can definitely inspire and charge anyone. The woman has been so energetic ever since, and she is not planning to stop any soon.

Maybe, any entrepreneur would do it at Amy’s place. The woman simply offers her idea to other people, and it’s up to them to buy it or not. Amy thinks of her family first. What's wrong with it? The woman has her army of haters, who constantly carry out attacks and making accusations. Maybe it is the case here?

Tell us, what do you think?

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