Horrible Fire At A Shopping Center: 37 People Are Confirmed Dead, And Another 69 Are Missed

Date March 26, 2018 14:01

The horrifying tragedy happened at a shopping mall in Russia this weekend. It was a true inferno, as the devastating fire took at least 37 lives and left the whole country speechless.

What happened?

The deadly blaze occurred at the four-story Winter Cherry shopping center in Kemerovo. It was a usual day when the fire came out of nowhere and left so many people trapped. Some tried to save themselves by jumping from the windows.

Presumable cause

The investigation still ongoing, but presumably, the fire started near a children’s play zone. According to one of the versions, the fire started in a room with a trampoline because one of the children had a firelighter. It is said that approximately 69 people are missing, and most of them are children.

Life /

Reportedly, the blaze began on the top floor and spread on almost the whole area of the mall, which is somewhere near 16,000 square feet. Firefighters responded to the scene as quickly as possible, but the huge scale of the fire made it impossible to extinguish the blaze straight away.

We are praying for the missing people to be found alive and healthy. We also send our condolences to the families that lost their loved ones.