It's Happening! We Have Been Waiting For So Long, And Here It Is: Roseanne Is Back After 20 Years

Date March 27, 2018

There couldn’t be better timing for the premiere of the Roseanne’s comeback! Just before you watch your favorite TV series once again, and your tears of nostalgia drop into your popcorn bucket, let’s see why the timing is so perfect.

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One of the most favorite American’s families for a decade is coming back! It has been 20 years already since the last episode was aired. And the original cast of Roseanne will play the Conners again. The premiere is set on Tuesday, March 27. But why is it a perfect date, you might ask?

1. Queen Laurie

Laurie Metcalf was nominated for her part in Lady Bird, which means pretty much another star level. We are really lucky to see her again on TV once again starring as Jackie, Roseanne’s sister.

2. Inspiring story we can relate to

Roseanne is one of a few TV series that intend to describe serious topics and problems honestly, and they still make you laugh. The hottest topics are surprisingly actual 20 years later.

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3. Rewriting the story

After leaving us with rather controversial feeling because of series finale (Jackie is gay, Dan’s heart attack because of the tragic death of the actor, the Conners winning the lottery, etc.), we have an opportunity to see the new development of the story, which was so messed up at the end.


4. The master is back

After Roseanne went off the air, there were too few creators who tried to raise all the serious social issues or tackle working class. And, unfortunately, there were even fewer of those who managed to succeed. It is time for the master to remind us how it’s done.

5. Representing a generation

Have you ever seen a TV show where there would be three actors over the age of 60 in main roles solving issues of their generation and doing it with such style? The adventure of Roseanne, Dan, and Jackie is an unheard opportunity to shed light on the life of older people.

6. John Goodman and the Emmy

Although the series revolve around Barr’s Roseanne, we cannot deny Goodman’s unbelievable acting. The beloved patriarch did not win at least one statuette for nine seasons of his undeniably great work. This is an awesome chance for the Academy to fix this!


We are sure that the revival of our favorite series is going to be as good as the original if not better! Have a great time watching how your beloved characters reunite on a screen once again!

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