2-Year-Old Iviona Lewis Found Dead After 3 Days Missing. Police Arrested The Mother's Boyfriend

Date March 26, 2018

2-year-old girl, Iviona Lewis, was found dead after days of searches by the police units. The family’s heart is broken, as the main suspect in the crime is reported to be their acquaintance.


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The horrible crime

On March 18, a 2-year-old child went missing in Hoisington, Kansas. Iviona Lewis was reported missing the same day, and police started searching immediately. The toddler was completely naked, wearing only a diaper.

Unfortunately, Iviona was found dead three days later approximately 300 miles from Hoisinhton in Barton County, Kansas. Police arrested the suspected 25-year-old man, Chaz Stephens, who reportedly was the mother’s boyfriend.

KMBC 9 News Kansas City / YouTube

Chaz Stephens' criminal history

It is known that Chaz Stephens had a criminal history, as he was charged with DUI in 2014 and faced drug charges two times. However, there was one particular case that had something to do with the child’s death.

Chaz Stephens threatened Iviona’s family with a knife back in 2014. It is also known that the mother called the police department 16 times over two last years. The calls reportedly had nothing to do with child endangerment. However, those were not because of the happy life.

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The father is devastated

Devonte Lewis, the child’s father, said that he knows Chaz Stephens, and he also knows that the suspect was dating his ex, Iviona’s mother.

We were friends, like you know what I'm saying? I know him. He lived with me. We lived together. You don't know no one better than when you live together, and I never thought he would pull nothing like that. I don't know personally, but I feel like he had a problem, but look at me. I'm a pretty big dude. He knew he could not physically beat me up. He knew that. I feel like he took it out on the only thing he knew that could hurt me, and that was Iviona.

Over 100 people gathered in Hoisington to support the heartbroken father of his late daughter.

Chaz Stephens is charged with second-degree murder and held at the Barton County Jail. His bond was set at $1 million. The investigation still ongoing.

We are praying for the family and send our sincere condolences.

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