2018 Presidential Greatness Ranking: Donald Trump Came In Dead Last

Date February 21, 2018

Many of us would assume that Trump is the worst president ever. And it would be great if we could say something like: “No! You see, he’s not that bad actually.” However, the recent expert ranking showed Trump’s current place in the history of the US presidents.


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What is this ranking?

The ranking is created of a survey where respondents, who are current and recent members of the Presidents & Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, were asked to rank every president on a scale from 0-100 for their overall greatness. Then, all of the rankings were averaged and ranked from the highest to lowest.


2018's Presidential Greatness ranking

This year’s ranking is not the first. Hence, we can see the dynamics of every president's rating. Here's the short version of the list:

1. Abraham Lincoln (95.03).

2. George Washington (92.59).

3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (89.09).

4. Teddy Roosevelt (81.39).

5. Thomas Jefferson (79.54).

8. Barack Obama (71.13) – up from 18th place.

9. Ronald Reagan (69.24).

12. James Madison (64.48).

13. Bill Clinton (64.25) – down 5 places. (Allegedly, because of recent sexual scandals, #MeToo).

43. James Buchanan (15.09).

44. Donald J. Trump (12.34).

As we can see, Donald came last in this competition.


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Recent Trump's accusation of FBI

Donald Trump is an extraordinary political figure and businessman but not the 'Greatest President'. After the recent horrible tragedy in Florida, Donald once again made a fool of himself, accusing FBI of missing signals about the shooter. He stated that FBI wastes too much time on the investigation of his collusion with Russia. Trump claims that FBI could prevent the terrifying attack in the school.


Do you agree with the ranking? Maybe, you have another opinion? Share we us!

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