Terrible Crime: Invaders Have Beaten A Pastor, Robbed His Wife, And Set Their House On Fire

Date March 20, 2018 12:21

An unthinkable crime happened in North Carolina. Pastor’s wife was kidnapped, robbed, brought back home, and tied up with her brutally beaten husband. The whole community is shocked by the incident and praying for the survived minister.


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How it happened?

Reportedly, on Friday evening, March 10, John and Nancy Alford arrived home, but two masked intruders already waiting for them inside. One of the burglars took Nancy and drove to the closest ATM and forced to withdraw $1,000, while the other one remained with the pastor.

After the robbery, Nancy was driven back home, where she found out her husband was really badly beaten. Intruders then tied up the couple and set the house on fire.

John lost his wife

Unfortunately, Nancy Alford, 79, had not survived the flames as the firefighters arrived too late. She was a dedicated Sunday school teacher for many years. John is a minister at Sanforn Memorial Baptist Church. Luckily, the man managed to escape and is currently staying at the hospital with second-degree burns.

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This terrible crime happened in Littleton, N.C. This is a small town, just south of Virginia border. The community is not large there, so supposedly, the suspects are believed to be two black males.

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People in town are shocked and devastated because of the incident. However, with a strong faith in God, the wounds will heal.

Our prayer, I think at this point, is that our pastor heals and everything and that he can come back to us. - Taylor

We rejoice that Nancy is in heaven, because the Lord says that I go to prepare a place for you and I come again to receive you as myself. - Pamela Ezell

We send our condolences to John Alford and the whole community of Littleton. We are praying for John to get better.

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