Emotional Speech Of Selena Gomez: She Thanked Francia Raisa For The Kidney Transplant

Date December 4, 2017

In a sea of celebrity gossips and endless rumors, it is refreshing to see true friendship and real-life stories on the red carpet. At the recently held Billboard Woman in Music 2017 ceremony, Selena Gomez thanked her friend Francia Raisa for her selfless act earlier this year. Selena took the opportunity while accepting the award to raise awareness about Lupus and organ transplants.

Selena Gomez had a kidney transplant in September!

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In September of 2017, Selena Gomez had to undergo a serious procedure. She has put a hold on her musical career because of Lupus, a serious illness she has been battling with for years.

After her health had started to deteriorate, Selena was in a need of a new kidney, and that's when her friend jumped in and committed a huge sacrifice. Actress Francia Raisa, the real hero of the hour, showed the world what true friendship really means.

Selena Gomez is looking great!

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The first thing everyone noticed during the awards is how stunning Selena Gomez looks in spite of her surgery. Rocking a pair of leather pants and a Versace bodysuit, Selena looked simply ravishing.

She seems to have recovered quite well from the operation and is apparently victorious over her illness. The singer looked like her old self, stealing the spotlight on the red carpet effortlessly.

Selena Gomez - Woman of  The Year 2017

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Selena received the award for the Woman Of The Year and gave a very emotional speech. She was joined on stage by Francia Raisa and Elle Fanning. During her speech, she thanked Francia for saving her life and added that Francia should be the one receiving the award.

Selena also noted that she feels incredibly lucky referring to the support she got and the fact that she survived a major surgery. In the spirit of her improving health, Selena promised a new album for all her fans.

Hopefully, Selena's emotional acceptance will raise awareness about Lupus and the importance of organ donors. Whatever happens, there is no doubt that Selena will return stronger than ever and continue to dazzle the world with her charm and her songs.

Therefore, we wish Selena and her friend all the best. She truly deserves that and proves that she is a very strong person.

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