Amazing Twin Bond Allowed Olsen Sisters To Communicate Secretly On Their Latest Fashion Show

Date February 26, 2018

Twins have always thought to have a peculiar bond since the day of birth. However, if this connection is constantly developed, the understanding of each other gets on a completely different level. Let’s see how the Olsen twins got used to seize their meanings at once.


Mysterious gestures

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are, perhaps, the most famous siblings in Hollywood.

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With their extremely popular roles as twins in New York Minute, Full House, and Switching Goals, the two have unfortunately stopped being so needed as they became older.


However, they are still attracting the public’s attention simply by being twins. On the recent presentation of a new collection in New York, the sisters were seen making weird hands squeezing.

What is it? A simple coincidence? A secret code? We’ll find it out a bit later.

A fashion career

Now, the former actresses are thoroughly working on their own fashion empire that they managed to set up from nothing.


Having earned some finances for the children roles, the girls were working hard for their own brand, Dualstar Entertainment Group, since 2002. Then, in 2006 and 2007, they have shown the world their two amazing fashion lines: The Row and Elizabeth and James respectively.

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Later on, 2015 was also a glorious year for the twin-queens of fashion – the WSJ Magazine called them the Fashion Innovators of The Year, underlining their success as business ladies.

Twin bond

Their impressive children roles were full of cuteness. Even at such an early age, they performed like real actresses, showing the viewers real emotions and sympathy.

As to their marvelous twin-bond, they have a secret code indeed. After the video has hit all the conspiracy theories, the cuties have explained the real meaning of the handshakes:

We have this little thing when we love each other where we’ll squeeze each other like three times. Then I’ll squeeze her hand back four times. Like, ‘I love you, too.’

Olsen sisters are extremely happy to have each other and say it is amazing to have a person who understands you immediately and is there for you all the time.


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