“She Is A Great First Lady!” Donald Trump Praises His Wife For Being An Amazing Person In These Hard Times

Date March 13, 2018

Donald Trump praises his wife Melania for being a great first lady. Alongside with all the rumors and mishaps that have been pursuing the president’s family recently, the couple keeps calm and stays confident about their relationship.


Recent mishaps

The talks around Trump’s family never cease spreading. The recently revealed scandal of Donald’s affairs with Stormy Daniels; the unreasonable leaving of the White House by the president’s former advocates; the unnecessary joke about his wife that only turned up the heat in the never-ending discussions were not affected their relationships.


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Like all the women, Melania is also a fragile person, meaning her emotions must be already way over the top, but being the First Lady doesn’t allow her to show any weakness.


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However, with the overview of the most recent events, we can be assured that Donald loves Melania deeply, and the reason for this is really solid.


Moment of pride

During the rally at Moon Township, Pennsylvania, Trump has directly addressed to Melania, and this time, his comment made her feel proud of Donald.

The president has stressed on his wife’s importance in fighting the country’s opioid epidemic. He mentioned Melania several times, naming her a great first lady:

Great first lady. She’s great. She’s great. You think her life is so easy, folks? Not so easy. She is a great first lady.


He has also reminded that due to the recent events, Melania might not feel comfortable, but she is an amazing person and a lovely wife.

Hopes for careless life

For sure, the situation may seem quite challenging, with all those rumors flying around the president’s experience.


However, the positive moments are also there for Trump’s family, so we sincerely hope that the two will finally solve all the misunderstandings and continue living their happy life of joy.


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