Katie Cassidy Shared Her Late Father David’s Last Words In A Tweet

Date November 27, 2017

 So much wasted time.

Katie Cassidy shared an emotional message on Twitter that reveals her late father’s final words.  David Cassidy who passed away at the age of 67, was a music legend and prominent figure in the film industry. You can watch the video dedicated to this great man.

Last words


It is a tragic loss for everyone who loves and admires incredible David Cassidy especially for his family and friends. David’s daughter, Katie Cassidy, shared the last words of her beloved father in her heartbreaking tweet. It’s hard to imagine how difficult is to deal with a grief when it comes to the loss of a family member.

Katie said that she would always remember the main lesson her father gave her at the last minutes of his life. The time we spend with people we love is truly precious. Katie wished she had a chance to spend more time with David, as there are so many things she would like to tell him.


This will be a daily reminder for me to share my gratitude with those I love as to never waste another minute.

Father and daughter

Katie and David’s relationships were not so simple; they did not spend much time together. After her parents’ divorce, Katie stayed with her mother and stepfather. Once, Cassidy confessed that he felt like he was just “a biological father, but not the real one.”


However, Katie says David made a great impact on her life. He gave her the most important advice considering her onstage career. He taught her not to work for money and fame, but to work for work and to get a real pleasure from her occupation. The young woman confessed it was the life-changing advice which helped her to become a self-confident person and successful actress.


David Cassidy was a true legend of his generation. People of the world will always remember his tremendous contribution to the development of culture and music industry. Cassidy’s last words are as powerful as his entire life was. Don’t waste precious time – we all need to learn this great lesson from eminent David Cassidy.

Sourсe: Katie Cassidy / Twitter

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