Children Had To Jump From Balcony To Save Their Lives When The Fire Broke Out Inside A Dance Studio

Date April 11, 2018 12:11

A group of children was trapped inside the building of a dance studio in New Jersey when the fire broke out. The kids had to jump from the balcony to save their lives.


Fire in the dance studio

A group of children managed to rescue their lives when a fire suddenly broke out inside the building of their dance studio in Edgewater.

Six girls were trapped inside the building which housed a car wash, restaurant, and the dance studio.

Inside Edition / YouTube

One of the witnesses of the incident, Toni Nehmi, came to the rescue when saw the smoke. Nehmi broke through the front window and reacted immediately to help the girls.

I knew there was no time. A couple of seconds and I can see smoke coming behind them. 

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Inside Edition / YouTube

Inside Edition / YouTube

The witnesses called the fire department and emergency service. When the fire was closing in, the children ran to the balcony as adults below got the ladders. But the ladders were too short. One girl made it to the ladder but the others, desperate to escape, just dropped to the ground.

Inside Edition / YouTube

Fortunately, nobody got serious injuries. When the firefighters arrived at the place, it took them a couple of hours to put out the fire.


Edgewater Mayor, Michael McPartland, announced in his statement:

Everyone did a wonderful job getting those kids out, getting the building evacuated and getting the fire contained.

The cause of the fire is still to be investigated. We just want to remind all leaseholders to make sure that a fire security system works properly before they lease a building or apartment. Thank God, none of the girls got hurt during the incident.


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