Judge Rejects Alfie Evans’ Parents To Take The Boy To Rome For Treatment But Allows To Take Him Home To Die

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Alfie Evans’ parents lost the fight for their ill son’s life. The court rejected the parents to take Alfie to Italy for treatment but instead allowed to take him home to die.

No hope left?

A heartbreaking story of 22-month-old Alfie Evans captured public attention worldwide. The little boy suffers from a brain disease and is now on the system of life support in the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

About a month ago, the doctors made a decision to switch off his life support saying there is no hope left for the sick kid. Alfie’s parents refused to do it. They appealed to the High Court against a ruling that allows doctors to switch the life support off, but their petition was rejected.

The desperate parents, Tom and Kate, couldn’t believe they could lose their little son and lodged an application asking to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Absolutely vile, disgusting actions! We won’t let them kill our boy.

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On April 24, at a special High Court hearing in Manchester, the judge Hayden declined Tom and Kate’s appellation and refused to let them take Alfie to Rome for treatment.

Alfie was a fighter, resolute, courageous and a warrior… but the long-running case had reached its final chapter.

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Mr. Justice Hayden told the parents the soonest they could move him home would be three to five days. Then, Alfie will be switched off his life support.

Tom and Kate refused to believe it’s the end for their sweet son. They still keep on fighting for his life.

Our thoughts and prayers are with little Alfie and his parents. Please, pray for this wonderful family too.


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