Little Jackson Roloff Congrats Everyone On Valentine’s Day. Well, At Least, He Is Trying To

Date February 15, 2018

We found a great way to raise your mood on St. Valentine’s Day. Well, actually, little Jackson Roloff will do this for us. This sweet cutie is trying to vlog for the first time together with his mom Tori, and our hearts are just melting.

Little Jackson congrats everyone on Valentine’s Day

Who missed little Jackson Roloff? Well, we did. If you missed him too, his mother shared a new video with her sweet angel just on Valentine’s Day.

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Jackson is all grown up now. Can you imagine, he has already passed 9-month-old milestone? This kid develops so fast. Today, he is trying to vlog for the first time. His mom Tori asks Jackson his opinion on St. Valentine’s, but he seems to be deep in his own thoughts.

You can see Jackson’s enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day. He’s more concerned about his own business.

This is so cute! It could be a future video for his wedding. What do you think?

New achievements

Tori Roloff gave the fans some update on Jackson’s new achievements. He already has 6 teeth. Jackson loves eating and got a new high chair that he can sit in by himself.

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He loves riding in his stroller and enjoys going on walks with his parents.

The smart kid has been chatting a lot lately but really only knows “Dada".

The kids really grow up so fast, maybe, even too fast. It’s great that Jackson’s parents don’t miss a chance to capture all his sweet moments on camera and share them with us. Keep growing, dear Jackson. We love you.