Little Jackson Roloff Has Already Said His First Word

Date January 24, 2018

Tori and Zach Roloff seem to have a talker in their family. Little Jackson is just 8-month-old, but he is already trying to learn his first word. What would it be?

Jackson’s new milestone

Babies really grow up so fast, and little Jackson Roloff is not an exception. His loving parents like to share some interesting details about everything that's happened in Jackson's life. The family’s fans are always the first to know about his most recent achievements.

Among his ‘biggest’ milestones is Jackson’s brand-new smile that shows his tiny white teeth. Can you imagine, this cutest little fellow already has four teeth?

Tori said that Jackson already eats solid foods and shows a vivid interest in everything around him.

Here is a new big achievement of the young Roloff. Jackson has already said his first word. It was “dada". His happy parents confessed it was the best feeling ever. Just watch this heartwarming moment, and you’ll understand their feelings too.

Amy Roloff commented on her grandkid’s first word:

I just can’t get enough of Jackson! Listen... he has something to say.

Isn’t it sweet? We can watch this little angel for hundreds of times in a row.


A first word is a very important achievement for a baby. We wait to hear what Jackson will say next time. Perhaps, it will be “mamma".  What do you think?


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