Man Who Killed 2 Mothers And 8 Kids At ‘Palm Sunday Massacre’ Released From Jail For A Good Behavior

Date April 3, 2018 12:56

A man who killed 10 people – 8 of which were children – during the sadly called ‘Palm Beach Massacre’ in 1984, was released from prison for a good behavior after serving two-thirds of his sentence.

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The Tragedy of ‘Palm Sunday Massacre’

This tragedy which happened in late 1984 in Brooklyn literally shocked the community and was proclaimed as the cruelest case of mass shooting at that time.

Christopher Thomas walked into a home of the Bermudez family and shot 2 women and 8 kids in the head. One of two women was 6 months pregnant.

The only survivor in that tragedy was Christina Rivera, who was a baby at that time. Police found her all covered with blood screaming in her dead mom’s arms.

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Other children were found dead on a coach. They were watching a television when the murderer shot them in the head one by one.

In the course of the investigation, Thomas confessed he was looking for his cocaine dealer, Enrique Bermudez, but he wasn’t home. Instead, his wife and kids were.

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Gunman released from prison

Thomas was sentenced to 250 years in jail for each of 10 deaths. However, as the law says, the amount of time a person can stay in jail on manslaughter is capped at 50 years.

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According to the police report, Thomas was addicted to drugs when he killed all these people. So, the tragedy was considered as manslaughter.

Thomas was released from prison after 34 years for a ‘good behavior’, which means 16 years earlier of his full term. He will remain under police control until June 2034.

The police officer, Bo Dietl, who arrested Thomas, was shocked to hear of his release:

I can’t believe that 10 souls can never be alive again – eight children – and he's out. Where is the justice for those kids? He is allowed to go free and enjoy himself. That is not right.

Today, Christopher Thomas reportedly lives in Queens, New York City.