Amid His Divorce, Donald Trump Jr. Tells How His Parents’ Split Drama Influenced His Childhood And Adult Life

Date March 26, 2018

It’s always not easy to deal with your parents’ divorce. But imagine that your parents are famous people, and their split makes the headlines because it all happens in the public eyes. Donald Trump Jr. knows exactly what it feels like. Today, amid his own family drama, Donald Jr. opens up how his parents’ divorce influenced his childhood and shaped his adult life.


“It’s definitely not always easy”

What does it feel like having Donald Trump for a father? In an interview with the New York Times in 2010, Donald Jr. called his dad a very tough but also fair man who expects a lot from his kids. He held them to the very high standards in order not to make his children poor reflections on himself. Trump Jr. explained:

My father's not the type of person that teaches you by saying, 'Come here, son. I'm going to tell you about real estate.’ You learn by watching it. If you don't pick it up, it's your problem.

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Donald added it was not easy for him and his siblings, Ivanka and Eric, to follow their dad’s strict rules; however, he thinks that's why they're successful at what they do today.


Ivana and Donald Trump’s divorce

Donald Jr. was 12 years old when his parents divorced. Czech model Ivana and successful businessman and public figure, Donald Trump, were one of the most famous married couples in America. Ivana was also a vice president of the Trump Organization and president of the Plaza Hotel owned by her husband.


When Donald and Ivana Trump announced their split, the news literally shocked the community, as their marriage was considered one of the most powerful and successful.

According to mass media, it all came out when the Trumps went to Aspen in December 1989 for their holiday ski vacation, and Donald split his time between Ivana and 26-year-old model, Marla Maples.


At that time, Trump refused to make any comment, pointing out that his marriage is and should be a personal thing. After the couple’s divorce, Donald told in an interview with the New York Times that their marriage was “just fine” and added:

Ivana is a very kind and good woman. She's a great mother, a good woman who does a good job.

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Family drama

Meanwhile, Donald Jr. was old enough to be aware that his parents' divorce had become a tabloid sensation. Later, Trump Jr. recalled how hard it was for him as a teenager to deal with the constant attention of paparazzi and hear all that ugly gossips about his parents’ life.

It's tough to be a 12-year-old. You're not quite a man, but you think you are. Being driven to school every day and you see the front page and it's 'Divorce!’ At that age, kids are naturally cruel. Your private life becomes very public, and I didn't have anything to do with it.

Nevertheless, the president’s oldest son says his parents’ split made him, Ivanka, and Eric much closer to each other. Donald Jr. said his sister Ivanka was his biggest supporter at that hard period.

I'm definitely closer to Ivanka because of it. She took me under her wing and raised me, took me shopping, tried to make me cool.


Today, the father and son are on good terms. Donald Jr. has eventually become a vice president of the Trump Organization. The son also showed a great support to his father during his running for president in 2016.



His parents’ divorce drama has definitely influenced Trump Jr. in his teen years. Nevertheless, today, when he has his own kids and amid the split with his wife Vanessa, Donald Jr. says he can better understand his father. Life is a tricky thing, and we shouldn’t judge other people for their decisions.

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