Eminent Actress And Iconic ‘TV Mom’ Nanette Fabray Has Passed Away At 97

Date February 26, 2018

Nanette Fabray, a talented actress with enthusiastic charm and amazing smile, has passed away on Thursday. The star was 97.


Incredible Nanette Fabray

Eminent actress Ruby Bernadette Nanette Fabares, better known as Nanette Fabray, began her acting career when she was just 4. Since that time, Fabray played a number of small parts in Hollywood movies.

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Nanette got the world recognition for her iconic role as a mother in One Day at a Time, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Coach.


At the age of 28, the actress won a Tony Award for her performance in the on-stage show Love Life. Fabray also won three Emmy Awards for her work in Caesar’s Hour, one of which in the category ‘Best Actress in a Supporting Role’.

Her next prominent role was in the film musical The Band Wagon where Fabray co-starred with Fred Astaire.


Nanette was married to vice president of NBC, but the couple got divorced. Her second marriage was to a screenwriter Ranald MacDougal, who has passed away in 1973. The actress has one son Jamie.

In one of her interviews, Fabray told she nearly gave her life for the stage. Once, she was hospitalized for two weeks after falling unconscious during a broadcast.

Once, Fabray revealed that live television was her love at first sight:

It involves a form of insanity that reminds me of make-believe games that you played as a child. I fell in love with the audience, and I fell in love with performing.

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The award-winning actress has passed away at the age 97 in her home in Palos Verdes.


Tribute to the late star

Numerous fans and colleagues went on social media to pay tribute to the legendary actress.

It is always sad when legends leave this world. Nevertheless, their great heritage remains immortal.

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