Sharon Stone Celebrated Her 60th Birthday. What Is A Secret Of Her Ageless Beauty?

Date March 12, 2018 12:15

Incredible Sharon Stone is 60 now. The actress celebrated her birthday on March 10, 2018. It seems like the time has no power over Sharon. So, what is the secret of her ageless beauty?


Sharon Stone: secret of her fadeless beauty 

Not every woman in her 60 can look as beautiful and glamorous as Sharon Stone. However, the Basic Instinct star says she is not trying to be perfect. Like any other woman, Stone has certain flaws, but she doesn’t try to hide them. Sharon admits that only her self-confidence helps turn her flaws into virtues.

I've stopped questioning everything, and that gives me a lot more room to breathe. I think it's just getting comfortable in yourself – in everything – but certainly the work.

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Self-confidence is an extremely important constituent of Sharon’s style. Nevertheless, the actress has some other rules that help her maintain her fadeless beauty.

As the A-list Hollywood star, Stone needs to keep her body in a perfect shape. Dancing and stretching are her best friends in this matter. Sharon spends several hours per day in the gym, besides she is a big fan of swimming.

When Sharon was a teenager, her mom gave her one essential advice considering her beauty routine.

She told her to cleanse and moisturize her skin morning and night, and that's what Stone keeps on doing till now.

According to Sharon Stone, real beauty is inseparable from internal health and mental wellness. The star shared her philosophy for feeling gorgeous in her interview with Oprah Winfrey:

I think that's physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. You know, I think it's a sense of ethics. It's everything.

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Happy birthday, Sharon!

On March 10, numerous fans of the actress went on social media with the best birthday wishes to fabulous Sharon Stone.

Every time Sharon Stone appears on the red carpet, she immediately steals the spotlight. The star is synonymous with beauty, style, and glamour. We wish Sharon a very happy birthday and all the best!


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