Woman Attacked Her Husband With A Knife After She Found Out He Had An Affair With Her Best Friend


Is it so easy to forgive a person who betrayed you? Nasreen Knight couldn’t do this. The woman attacked her husband with a seven-inch knife after she found out he cheated on her with her best friend.

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Tragic cost of betrayal

Friends and colleagues know Nasreen Knight as a loving wife, good friend, and a mother of four wonderful children. Nasreen is a very intelligent woman, who speaks five languages and works as a director of a successful fund trading company.

Nasreen and her husband, Julian Knight, were considered as a role model couple for everyone who knew them. It was probably true before Nasreen found out her husband had an affair with her good friend.

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The desperate woman couldn’t imagine that two of her closest people could cheat on her. Though, as it was revealed later, she previously had an affair herself.

When Nasreen found out the truth, she became furious and decided to punish her betrayer husband. She ran to the kitchen, took a seven-inch knife, and attacked Julian beating him on the shoulder. She was shouting:

Where is Erika? I want to kill her!


Fortunately, Julian could stop his wife and took away the knife.

After the incident, Nasreen was sentenced for 15 months in jail for actual bodily harm and use of the knife. The woman’s lawyer said in his statement:

These offences occurred at a very difficult time during the break down of her marriage. Her whole life had been turned upside down. She feels that she had been usurped by another.

The lawyer added Nasreen is a woman of good character, and she feels very sorry for what she has done.


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