4-Year-Old Girl Almost Died After Accidentally Swallowing Pool Water

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April 25, 2018 15:49 By Fabiosa

A mother of 4-year-old girl could not even imagine an ordinary day with friends in a swimming-pool would turn into a real disaster for her family. Her little daughter almost died after accidentally swallowing pool water.

Kids, never swallow a pool water!

4-year-old Elianna Grace from Florida was enjoying a day with her friends, and that beautiful morning gave them no reason to expect otherwise. The children had fun swimming in her grandmom’s pool.


As many children (and some adults too) do, Elianna accidentally swallowed a pool water. She blew it up immediately and kept on playing with her friends.

On the next day, the girl’s mother, Lacey Grace, noticed there was something wrong with her child. Elianna had a fever and felt sick. At first, Lacey thought her daughter just caught a cold, but her condition saw no signs of recovery.

The desperate mother took Elianna to a hospital. When a doctor saw the girl, she immediately sent her to the emergency room. After a blood test, the child was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia.

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Elianna was immediately hospitalized. She was on oxygen because it was hard for her to breathe on her own. Her parents were afraid their little daughter couldn’t make it. Thankfully, after a complicated treatment, the girl’s condition is considered as stable.

After the horrible incident, Lacey Grace made a post on her Facebook page hoping to raise awareness among other parents and prevent a similar tragedy from happening to any child.

Fortunately, Elianna’s condition has stabilized, and now, she continues her treatment at home. We wish Elianna to recover soon and hope she will forget about this horrible story.


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