Donald Trump Jr. Enjoys The Last Snowy Days Together With His Adorable Kids

Date March 5, 2018

Children whose parents are famous often suffer from lack of attention and feel lonely. Spending too much time at work is the biggest regret parents have about their children’s early years. Fortunately, Donald Trump Jr.’s kids seem to avoid this sad fate.

In his recent Instagram post, Trump Jr. shared the sweetest moments he had with his kids during the last snowy days. Their cute photos will make you feel warm even during the cold winter.


Donald Jr. enjoys the last snowy days with his kids

Spring is just around the corner, so if you want to enjoy the last days of winter, it’s just a perfect time to do that.

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Donald Trump Jr. spent the whole weekend with his little kids, and they had an awesome outdoor adventure together. Trump Jr., who has just returned from a global business summit held on Friday in New Delhi, was quick to share how excited he was to see his family again.


The proud father posted a cute video to show how much his little daughter Chloe missed her dad when he was out of town for a business trip.

In order to compensate the precious time spent away from home, Donald Jr. took his adorable kids for a funny winter adventure. The happy father decided to teach them how to throw snowballs and ride on a snowmobile.

This cute trio seems to have no problem with using the snowmobile. Trump Jr. shared this sweet photo on his Instagram and captioned:

Taking advantage of what is likely the last of the good snow for the season.  

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What can be better than spending the whole day playing with your kids outdoors and, after that, sitting near a fireplace and drinking a hot chocolate? Trump Jr. gave us a great tip on how to spend the last snowy days with pleasure.

How do you prefer to spend time with your children? We look forward to hearing about your ideas.

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